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Your Own Outdoor Furniture Design?

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Products from Reliable Supplier?

Zimmer® Indonesia owns the production facility, carefully select the materials and treat the employees and workers well; and we develop our own collections as well. We also have large production capacity to meet your project needs in your country.

Our Outdoor Furniture has been Exporting to Many Countries Since 2007.

Since 2007, we have proudly succeeded in exporting our Outdoor Furniture to various countries worldwide such as North America, Middle East Country, Europe and Africa. We take pride in expanding our international footprint
and establishing strong business relationships with customers across the globe

Here are 5 reasons why you should own it:

Large Production Capacity - Zimmer has a large facility and resource to fulfill the B2B needs.
On Time Production - We can work according to your timeline and ready to serve as the production partner.
Ready to Work as OEM - We can manufacture our furniture under your own brand.
High Quality Products - with our Internal power quality control we strive to provide our clients with the best products.
World Wide Shipping Experiece - Zimmer has exported outdoor and indoor furniture to North American countries, Eropean countries, Middle East and South Africa.
Why you should choose Zimmer?
ZImmer Indonesia Showroom
"Saya sangat merekomendasikan kepada teman-teman untuk membeli set sofa Saarburg dari Zimmer. Set sofa ini tidak hanya memiliki desain yang bagus, tetapi juga sangat kuat dan tahan lama."
Zimmer Indonesia Plant
"Pengalaman saya dengan furniture outdoor dari Zimmer Indonesia sungguh luar biasa. Kualitasnya yang sangat baik dan garansi 10 tahun membuat saya yakin telah membuat keputusan yang tepat.”
Zimmer Indonesia Warehouse
"Sebagai owner kantor, saya sangat merekomendasikan menggunakan panel anyaman dari Zimmer Indonesia. Kualitas anyaman mereka yang sangat baik memberikan nuansa yang elegan dengan garansi 10 tahun memberikan kepastian jangka panjang.”
“Zimmer Indonesia has a large showroom specifically built for the purpose of allowing export clients to come to Indonesia and experience Zimmer's produced furniture firsthand.”
"Zimmer has established a factory with the aim of serving the high demand for export, which mostly involves large-scale production requirements. The factory enables Zimmer to maintain strict control over project timelines, ensuring that deliveries are always on schedule.”
"Zimmer also has large warehouse to accommodate a substantial amount of furniture that has been produced to fulfill delivery requests worldwide.”

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Here are some references:

Zurich Series Zimmer-Zurich-Model-Outdoor-Teak-Furniture

Berlin SeriesZimmer-Berlin-Model-Outdoor-Teak-Furniture

Starting from 2 months to get the first shipments out, and we can make weekly container shipments weekly

Sure, we can make agreement that the model only be sold to your company (The design must be from your side)

At Zimmer, you can order at least 1x40HC with a maximum combination 8 models.

Yes, our products were checked by the QC team in every manufacturing stage. We conduct QC starting from selecting materials
to finishing and packing system. If you receive any damage, we open for further discussion to find the solution

Yes, we have an in-house R&D team

Retailer, Wholesaler, Hotel Projects, International Brand Owner in Europe Middle East, North America

Large Production Capacity
On Time Production
Ready to Work as OEM


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