Our factory is located in Cirebon

Weaving is made using Hi-Density Polyethylene that’s strong, flexible, and surely durable. Using materials that UV-proof and weather-proof. Materials have already been tested from -70°C until 80°C. Webbing will not loose, nor break, and the color will not fade.

Almost all of our cushion has a cover that can be removed, we recommend washing it by cool washing. Do not dry clean and avoid using hot water.

Yes, because our process of making Zimmer’s furniture uses materials with international standard specification, thus making our furniture durable.

Yes, all of our furniture are weather-proof, because the materials has passed certification test of weather-proofness for more than 50.000 hours in the lab.

We will check the furniture condition first. If something happens during warranty time, we will response within 1×24 hours and resolution time within 7×24 hours for repair.

No, Zimmer is a manufacturing company, thus furniture that’s made is based on customer’s order.

Our sales is more directed towards B2B because we’re direct manufacturer, but we also serve retail customers in our gallery without minimum order, so that you can have the feeling of buying products straight from the factory.

Of course we can deliver the product abroad, Zimmer has exported to a lot of countries from around the world.

Because we have the best quality furniture compared to other brand, we also give SMART* WARRANTY so you could just buy 1 time and not think about it for 10 years to come.

6 weeks for Catalogue Product and 8 weeks for Customized Design Product

Payment method using CP (commitment Payment) 50% infront, after the furniture is produced, client will pay the rest of the payment.

For JADETABEK, Free delivery fee to your house.

Yes, all our furniture is made with materials that can remain outside all year long, in rain, snow and sun. Cushions should be taken in during wet weather.

It is a hi-density polyethylene based extruded fiber that is strong, flexible and durable. The material is U.V. and weather resistant and the All Seasons range has been tested to -70°C and +80°C. The wicker will not split or crack and will show no noticeable signs of fading

Good quality tubular aluminum, finished with epoxy coating to ensure a long and trouble free life.

These are shown in this online catalog page below to each product.

Sure! The fabric can be chosen either water repellent local fabric or Sunbrella fabric from USA.

The durability of Sunbrella fabric is 5 years anti fading under UV sun light. The local fabric will fade after approx 6-12 months.

All our ranges are interchangeable. Yes, you can choose mix the models that aren’t shown on this catalogue.

No, Zimmer Indonesia furniture is made to withstand all weather conditions. You may wish to cover it to keep it clean, but it is otherwise not necessary.

Our all weather wicker and aluminum furniture will only ever need washing down with slightly soapy water if it gets dirty.

Nearly all our cushions have removable covers and we normally recommend cool washing. Don’t dry clean and avoid using hot water.

Zimmer Indonesia has been making and selling furniture for over 6 years and has an enviable reputation throughout the industry.
If anything should go wrong, a quick call to our Customer Services department will normally resolve any problem quickly and efficiently.

We use good quality kiln dried Teak/Jati from Indonesia which comes from carefully managed plantations and forests. We never use illegal