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Specialized in Synthetic Rattan, Outdoor Rope and Teak Wood

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Interesting Fact about ZIMMER!!

ZIMMER offers high-quality furniture, Punctual delivery time and Customer satisfaction has been proved by Zimmer to fulfill the international Standard

ZIMMER has long business experience for more than 10 years and is Trusted by the International Buyers as the eligible Indonesian Manufacturer and becomes one of the furniture leaders in the Furniture market in the country

ZIMMER manufactures many kinds of Furniture such as Outdoor, patios, garden, indoor, and custom furniture. ZIMMER offers many options to meet the Buyers' expectations and has SVLK for wood products.

9 Reasons, Why Should Choose Zimmer Indonesia ?

1. World Wide Shipping Experience

Zimmer has exported outdoor and indoor furniture to North American countries, European countries, Middle East and South Africa

2. Unique Design and Various Materials

Supported by very strong research and development team, we commit to offer new models that has hi level of comfort and production technique every year to increase clients satisfaction

3. Ready to Work as OEM Manufacturer

Having your own exclusive collection ? We’are ready to serve as the production partner

4. Direct Manufacturer

Zimmer owns the production plant, carefully select the materials and treat well the employee and developed our collection as well

5. Superior Quality

Quality furnitures are the result of combination many small details.Selecting the right Synthetic Rattan, Outdoor Rope, Alumunium Frame and Powder Coating materials are the main concern in Zimmer Factory

6. Outstanding Customer Services

Tell us your inquiry, our expert consultant will give you professional advice and support

7. Custom Color Combination

We can provide the sample colors to be sent to your country if you dont have the opportunity to visit us in Indonesia

8. Hi Artistic Value Products

All the woven furnitures are hand made by very skilled artisans and combined with wood element, it will increase your selling value

9. 1 Year Warranty

If there’s any issue whatsover, we will replace the furniture for free on the next delivery

Zimmer Serves



Hotel Projects

Brand Owner

ZIMMER exhibited before COVID

Our Best Seller Product

Synthetic Rattan Furnitures

Outdoor Rope Furnitures

Wooden Furnitures

So, How to Order ?


Yes, we can. As long as the design is fit with our material and our method productions. You can send your design by email, competed with size and optional specifications, then we will carry on

At Zimmer, your can order at least a 1x4oHC

Yes, our products were checked by the QC team in every manufacturing stage. We conduct QC starting from selecting materials to finishing and packing system. If you receive any damage, we open for further discussion to find the solution

Starting from 2 months to get the first shipments out and we can make weekly container shipments weekly

Yes, we do. We have our own R&D Department in the company.

Yes, we do. We have an SVLK certificate for wood products

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