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Interesting Fact about ZIMMER!

Why Many Customers has trusted ZIMMER?

ZIMMER always deliver The Best Quality furniture with Precise Delivery Time. Zimmer exist to fulfill the Customer's Satisfaction according to international Standard

ZIMMER has business experience for more than 10 years and Trusted by the International Buyers as the Qualified Indonesian Manufacturer and becomes one of the leaders in the Furniture market in Indonesia

ZIMMER manufactures many kinds of Furniture such as Outdoor, patios, garden, indoor, and custom furniture. ZIMMER offers many options to meet the Buyer's expectations and has SVLK for wood products.

"I Want to Find The BEST Quality Furniture."

But you are confused and many questions pop up, such as…

A Quick Glance of Our Products

ZIMMER's Furniture is made from legal woods, and all our products have SVLK Certificate.

ZIMMER's products is manufactured by supervised highly skilled craftsmen and professional employees that supports operational activities. Therefore, Zimmer can manufacture high-quality Furniture for our customers and meet the expectation for new market opportunities in the International market

ZIMMER has been exporting outdoor Furniture, patio furniture, garden furniture, indoor Furniture, and many other Furniture to Worldwide customers, such as European, Asian, North American, South American, and the Middle East


So, How to Order ?

Lastly, your waiting time for the production process is less than two months for the first shipment


Yes, we can. As long as the design is fit with our material and our method productions. You can send your design by email, competed with size and optional specifications, then we will carry on

At Zimmer, your can order at least a 1×20 feet container

Yes, our products were checked by the QC team in every manufacturing stage. We conduct QC starting from selecting materials to finishing and packing system. If you receive any damage, we open for further discussion to find the solution

Starting from 2 months to get the first shipments out and we can make weekly container shipments weekly

Yes, we do. We have our own R&D Department in the company.

Yes, we do. We have an SVLK certificate for wood products

We provide you THE BEST Customer Service!

We treat our customers as our friends. We always facilitate you before you make an order to the Furniture arrive at your location. It means we are always there when you need us.

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"They were super on customer service. The quality of Zimmer's products is outstanding. When I look at the way the products are built and the materials that they use, I am blown away."
"You guys rocked the project !! Thanks so much for doing great jobs !!"

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