Advantages of Rattan Chair as Furniture

The chair is one of the furniture that has a variety of materials, one of which is a rattan chair. Rattan is a some type of weed attached to the parent tree. Rattan is divided into two, namely natural rattan and synthetic rattan which tend to be strong and natural.

What are the advantages of Rattan Chair as Furniture?

  1. Light and Sturdy.
    Rattan chairs are often used in places with a high level of mobility, such as hotels and restaurants. This happens because rattan chairs tend to be lighter and easier to move.

    Even so, this chair is still strong and not easily damaged, especially chairs made of natural materials. Rattan chairs are also able to provide a natural and woven touch that adds aesthetic value.

    Rattan craftsmen usually weave rattan with a hereditary heritage from rattan craftsmen. It can be said that the advantage is light and sturdy and it is also easy to use.
  2. Eco-Friendly.
    Rattan chairs are made of materials that tend to be environmentally friendly compared to chairs made of wood. If a wooden chair has to cut down a tree first to obtain raw materials, then rattan is different which is more environmentally friendly.

    Rattan plants are plants that can be easily cultivated to keep the supply of raw materials smooth without harming or damaging nature. Rattan craftsmen are also very easy to find raw materials for making rattan chairs, especially for those who are close to the forest.
  3. Easy to Maintain.
    You also don’t have to bother cleaning rattan chairs, this happens because rattan chairs have beneficial properties. These properties are properties that do not absorb water, which is certainly different from a sofa that needs to be washed if it gets stained. Especially if the sofa is spilled with colored drinks.

    You only need to wipe the rattan chair or scrape the dirt that has dried or stuck to its surface. If there is other damage to the rattan webbing then you only need to replace the webbing on the damaged part.
  4. Various types of designs are available.
    Rattan is a type of chair that is flexible which causes rattan chairs to have various types of designs. They are also made by hand which have a variety of distinctive woven shapes.

    This makes the rattan chair has its own character that is ready to give the interior beauty. If you like classic style then you can get it in rattan chairs.

    One example of a classic rattan design is a rattan chair that looks like blooming peacock feathers because apart from being large, the classic rattan chair is almost entirely covered by rattan wicker in a cool style.

    It is simpler than the classic style rattan chairs. Rattan chairs with a modern type also feel more comfortable because the shape of this type of chair is more flexible and does not have legs.